12 April 2010


Last month I opened an Orange Savings Account at ING Direct a virtual bank owned by ING Group and I have to say that it is one of the best things I've done in my whole life. It works great and it is simply because they practice what they preach. I mean that they keep their promises. They are serious and efficient. I had a similar feeling when I switched my phone company to simyo

I changed because I started to feel like a prisoner with my former bank. I had to pay for using my own money!!! I do not usually have to care much about banking as you do not often have to worry about what you do not have.  Not having money is a great source of tranquility... But lately I've had to do several money operations which have revealed me the true nature of what's behind a smiling face at the counter.

Naming the full list of advantages of ING would maybe be too long. Let's cut it short by saying that I truly believe that I've made a change for the better. Fingers crossed again as usual!!!