23 April 2010

Birthday 2010

Hi there,
Today is my birthday and my sister-in-law's too. We have celebrated it in my cottage spending a day out in the country. Everything was just fine but it started raining late in the afternoon. Too bad!!!

After that my nephew and me have feed the hamsters and checked the new born ones. They seem perfectly healthy. Their mother didn't mind us checking their nest. I'm glad about that because I thought she might get really angry after all I've read about them on the net. Anyway I need another cage. It's impossible that they all fit in this one when they grow up. It's 10 animals where there were only two!!! In less than a month I need to find people interested in adopting a hamster. Think about it!!! They are nice, friendly and cheap to keep. Interested?????

I'm publishing some pictures of my birthday presents as well as some photos of the celebration.

Brother in law (Typical photo)

Emperor penguin (car) 
In-laws [Hooked on the (same) phone]

Spongebob collection

Spongebob collection (again)