23 March 2009


Today I've become a simyo [A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO)] user. If you could see how much I spend using my mobile you would surely laugh at me.  Maybe 10 or 15 € a month. It's ridiculous compared to other people's expenses.

Until now I was happy with my rates and services but I was fed up having to pay an scandalous quantity if I phoned a friend from a different phone company. 

That unfair situation had to change and now with simyo I only pay 8 cents a minute to all other operators. Changes sometimes take long but you always have to take the first step to walk a long road.

I'll keep you informed but this company has a good vibe. I hope it works fine.

Note: This is my first spring blog entry. So far everyting is according to plan. I'm finally  writing once a week!!!