20 March 2009

Hard disk crash

The master disk drive of my network server crashed on Tuesday. I had just bought a usb bluetooth adapter and installed the gnome-bluetooth software. I rebooted for the kernel to load the drivers but I only got a BIOS message saying the disk was dead. Well there was no such message. It was something like "No operating system available". But I knew the truth behind. The night before I had heard a strange noise coming from the drive and I feared the worst.

I tried my best forensics with a usb installation of Backtrack 3 but
the damage was already done. Backtrack struggled hard but it couldn't do anything...

I switched the slave drive as master and reinstalled GRUB, the boot loader in the MBR but it was caught in a loop. In the end I had to reinstall Lenny. I lost data of course, but installing a Debian system is my forte. I often say I could do it blindfolded. Just joking.

I lost my eyeOS server but there is always a blessing in disguise. I had Windows 7 Beta in a VirtualBox and the good thing is that I do not have to bother erasing it now. It is so bad that my only wish after trying it was just getting rid of it as soon as possible. I know it is a beta version and of course it lacks many things but I foresee it is going to be a great failure like Vista. It didn't recognize my ethernet and sound cards!!! Shame on them.

Note: Today spring begins officially at 11:44, so next week I'll start writing my blog under the Spring header.