03 December 2008

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is about using software as an online service rather than on your own personal computer. The problem with that is that the information is stored on a remote server being exposed to security issues. I understand why some people like for example Mr.Richard Stallman consider it a complete stupidity, but I would like to give this matter a twist.

A big part of our computing time is spent online, many of the services we use are server based. So if we are so server dependent, what is the real difference? We upload our files to our web servers, the information thus made public, but still is stored out of our control.

I think that web based applications are cheap, easy to use and very handy. It is also true that there is no real need to use say, a web calendar when you probably have one installed by default in your system. But that information can only be edited on that computer, however, being online you can access it from anywhere.

Let's find a middle ground position and let's use these applications when they are useful but let's be especially careful what kind of information we put at risk.