06 March 2024

xana and jean turned bookworms

 This week, apart from my daily chores, I upgraded two of my main laptops (hostnames: xana and jean) to bookworm (debian 12). Both used to run bullseye and I must say that the upgrade was pretty neat.

Be warned that before running apt full-upgrade I read their "official" guide that I found here because I had some bad experiences in the past trying to upgrade without removing other software that I had installed from different repositories. This time I did it right and the results were excellent.

xana took a little longer because I have many many packages installed (around 1800) it is an older laptop and you know, in time systems tend to get bloated. It took more or less one hour. I have to do some serious cleaning.

jean has around 1000 packages. It took more or less half an hour. 

I am really happy that both upgrades went so well. I only had to make one simple modification on xana after the upgrade. I use st (simple terminal or stterm) on both laptops but I had compiled it from source to include some modifications. These modifications were lost after the upgrade.

Now I use the default package as provided by the debian distribution. But I had to add some options to the command.

From now on lets see what good things bookworm has to bring.