08 December 2015

ES file explorer (Android)

My bq Aquaris 4.5 phone included a file manager called ES. At first I didn't pay attention to it because I simply didn't really care about it.

One day, after a system upgrade I was drawn to the renewed interface and icons of the application and started delving into the program's options and menu. It can do tons of things. The list is endless but...

Much to my surprise I discovered that it includes a built-in ftp server with which you can share files with your computer. Oh my!!! What an awesome discovery!!!

When you turn on the ES ftp server (called "Remote manager") you are given an address you can connect to using any ftp client. This way you can move your files, copy or delete them easily without the need of a usb cable or extracting the sd card.

Today I made a backup of all my photos using this feature and I can assure you this is not the only time I am going to use it. Love it!!!