11 October 2014

Shaving shavette

Today I tried the Parker shavette I got on Wednesday. I must say that it is easier to handle for me than the straight razor. I imagine that on the one hand, the cutting surface of the blade is smaller than the razor and on the other hand I am a tad used to the feel of a blade on my face so I was a bit bolder when using it. I even dared shave the chin area without any fear. I got a couple of little nicks due to my carelessness, though.

One thing worth noticing is that following MrFrood's advice I chose a mild Merkur blade which was one of the most suitable (in my small collection of blades) for this shaving session.

All in all I must say it was a nice experience that I'm willing to repeat soon.

Leaving you some pics...

About to try the shavette for the first time.

Starting with the sideburns as usual.

Take it easy, man!