07 June 2014

pharc v.4.0 released

Today, even though I experienced some connectivity problems I managed to release pharc v.4.0. pharc is a very simple script that archives phlog posts on a yearly basis. The nice thing about it is that since a new version is released every year, it grows bigger, with more options, and hopefully, also better. Needless to say that the next release, unless there is a big bug to fix, is scheduled for 2015.

This year in particular, I did a lot of testing because there were many new options. And even so, I had to make a last minute change to make it work on NetBSD 6.1.2. I changed one echo call which contained a backlash escape character to printf because NetBSD's version of echo renders the backlash characters literally. So:

echo "1Archive $DIR\t$DIR" >> gophermap

Had to be re-written as:

printf "1Archive $DIR\t$DIR\n" >> gophermap

Not a big deal really, but last minute changes are sometimes annoying because you have to re-test and make sure that it remains posix compliant and that it works. Remember that I use two different platforms to test it: NetBSD + ksh and debian + bash

Below are some links that will lead you to more detailed information about pharc

The official release announcement, of course in my own phlog (which is archived by pharc):


The downloads page (Includes the raw script and the .deb package):


The git repository, hosted at gitorious:

and the wiki (important to consult, since in includes almost all possible use cases):

I hope you like it and have fun with it! Happy phlogging :D