14 February 2014

Valentine's day is alright for publishing

As I already hinted in my "Testing blog" post, which was indeed the first post I published here, today is as good a day for publishing a new website as any other. It happens to be Valentine's day, which makes it a special day.
This site is so far nothing but a clone of my previous version of but who knows, maybe I will revamp it to a certain extent. Since 2006 I have revised my website/hosting conditions every two years. Now I have decided to make sdf-eu my home. I already spend most of my computing time at sdf-eu so it is not a weird thing to do. I guess this decission was an easy one to make.
I have been the entire week looking for simple cms systems. I discovered GetSimple CMS and I must say that I really love it. I'm truly impressed. I was only familiar with joomla and drupal and I thought that complexity was a must but I realized that rather on the contrary it is not. Thank God.
TODO (before actually publishing it):
  • 1. Create the CNAME
  • 2. Write the backup script (I will use my own 'gophersync' script but adapted to work with html. My  'gophersync' script makes a backup of my gopher hole using cron and rsync once a month).
DONE (which took a long while):
  • 1. Creating the html tables
I hope you like my new site and new blog. It even has a calendar, and everybody knows that having a calendar is as important as having a towel for a hitchhiker ;)