21 April 2013

Screenshot of the week 4

This is an screenshot of what my dual head desktop looks like on a typical weekend. (I must admit that it looks very much the same in my free time on a regular day).
You can see two small terminal emulators on the left. The one on top is in charge of taking the screenshot with scrot but before that it was running several of my aliases and functions. Specificallytt (or Terminal Title, alias tt='xfce4-terminal --geometry 90x55 -T $1') and aptget (alias aptget='apt-get update && apt-get --yes upgrade && apt-get clean')
The other small terminal is running cmus all day long in a tmux session and scrobbling to
On the other terminal on the left side I am fixing fuzzy stings in a translation inside a git repository.
Now on the right side of the screen (the other head so to speak) there is irssi running in a screen session in my shell account at
And last but not least, there is my homepage in the impressive lynx web browser. Here I'm lying a bit to you. I usually use elinks on the cli but it didn't look so cute for a screenshot. You can see the terminal title reads "elinks" but it is in fact "lynx".