26 August 2012

My live

I have been procrastinating for a couple of weeks but I couldn't wait anymore. Today I created a git repository to store an initial configuration to build a live system based on debian.
The idea sprang from a new feature offered by live-build one of the tools created and maintained by the Debian Live Project.
This config creates a very generic graphical desktop using xfce with some additional packages and a live-installer to install the contents of the live system. It also makes use of the persistence feature to store some files.
And as the description of the repository says, it is yet far from perfect, as it is pretty much unfinished. It is just an exercise to create an update for my live-server which will be available some time soon.
The repository is located at
In order to build the image, you only have to take three really easy steps:
 $ mkdir live-system && cd live-system
 $ lb config --config git://
 # lb build
More information can be found on the live-manual