03 June 2012

'pharc wiki' and 'pharc in action' screenshots

This afternoon I have finished pharc's wiki. It is a work in progress but for the time being it is ready for publishing. You can find it here:

Pharc wiki

Perhaps the only thing that is missing there is a series of screenshots showing how pharc works. I'll upload them here first.

First pharc checks to make sure that the working directory exists, otherwise it exits.

Second if the Archive already exists pharc quits to avoid overwriting files.

If there are no posts to archive, it exits.

And finally if successful:

After it's done, if pharc suspects that something didn't go as expected it will print:

~$ Maybe unsuccessful. Please check it out. If things broke badly there is a backup of your gophermap --> gophermap~

You can see the results of pharc in my gopher hole:


or browse it on the web through a proxy: