05 February 2012

Minimal desktop.

This weekend I have been configuring a rather small, relatively minimal desktop using openbox. I have also installed a bunch of applications to work with this gorgeous window manager. Among them: gmrun, wbar, tint2, conky ... I have also set Midori as default browser. In my first tests I installed rox-filer, but since I intend to thoroughly try rox desktop someday I removed rox-filer and I left the good old midnight commander as file manager.

I need to remember (for future reference):
  • Openbox: create .config/openbox/autostart file (nm-applet and all other apps. Launch wbar -pos < top >)
  • Edit wbar /usr/share/wbar/dot.wbar (icons and commands)
  • gmrun: Edit openbox keybindings in .config/openbox/rc.xml

     <keybind key="A-F2">
        <action name="Execute">
Here is a screenshot for you to sneak a peek (Screenshot taken with scrot):