16 October 2011

IRC Bouncer

I take for granted you all know what an irc bouncer/proxy is. I have explained it so many times that I feel that any further explanation will take us nowhere. I think that the easiest way of explaining this concept for someone who has never used any is saying (although it is not 100% accurate) that a bouncer is a server that keeps your connection to your favourite networks/channels 24/7. You can connect (and disconnect) to that server as you please from as many clients as you please keeping the backlog. Let's leave it like it is.

Well, I have tried different bouncers. And I have finally ended up using a free online service called GeekBouncer It is easy to setup, it is easy to configure and besides the guys behind the project seem to be reliable and nice.

What else can I say? It works fine and it is really handy.

Keep up the good work guys!!!