20 September 2011

Screenshot of the week 2 (wmii)

This is definitely not the best screenshot I could take. Maybe it was done in a hurry and the results are not out of the ordinary but with a bit of imagination it will do the trick.

This screenshot features one of the best tiling window managers I know: wmii I have just recently started to use it and I must admit it is far superior to other tiling applications. In order to learn about all its features and to see better screenshots, please visit the official website.

In the picture you can see htop (system monitor), mc (file manager) and scrot (screenshot application)

Using wmii:

Most window management is done using the keyboard, even though you can use the mouse as well to point and resize windows.

As usual most keystrokes are mnemonic: Alt+p = programs, Alt+s = stack mode, Alt +d = default and so on

One of the things I like the most about wmii is that you can start a terminal or as many terminals as you need by simply pressing Alt+Return. Really handy and straightforward.