09 December 2010


eeepc 701 as freenas server

You wouldn't believe it if I had told you. Nor even I could have imagined such awesome invention some time ago. So I had to take these snapshots to prove it.

In a previous post I had warned you that I was getting my fingers on freenas. This usually means that some weird experiment is forging. Then I got this great idea: I've got an eeepc (extra low power consumption) and a Toshiba usb hard drive (low power as well). Combined together with an amazing piece of software such  as freenas is I could easily set up a powerful home nas server to connect to from all my other machines.

The problem with usb hard drives is that in order to transfer data to/from them you need to have them attached to a computer. This is a bit expensive in terms of power consumtion, apart from not being very handy. This way, attached to a cheap eeepc your electricity bill will not suffer at all.

Now there are many affordable NAS systems out there. But with this invention you can transform any usb hard disk drive into a powerful home network server. If you connect it to the internet you can also have your data availble from everywhere.

Freenas server & desktop client