23 April 2008

It's my birthday!

A huge thank you to all of you out there who have sent me a message wishing me a happy day. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.!!!!

Well, not many interesting things today. Only that I didn't feel like writing any blog entry in the morning nor in the afternoon. But strangely enough I'm doing it right now when I'm supposed to be more tired than before. I may be turning into a night creature. Gosh!

There is only one thing that I would like to comment in relationship with computers. You know that I fell in love with pendrivelinux 2007 version based on Debian Etch. I enjoyed it a lot and still do. I carry it everywhere I go. But today I have switched my love to Debian live. A project I have followed from the very beginning. Today I have downloaded and tried the Lenny release. And it works just perfect. What a great present for my birthday. Thanks to all the team at Debian live.

Keep up the good work!!! You are making history!!!