16 March 2008

Donation to Debian project
Yesterday I made a small donation to the Debian Project. It is a small quantity but I intend to donate some time later. I had thought of contributing with the Debian team several times, well in fact I already help Debian in a variety of ways according to their list of possible ways of helping Debian: How can you help Debian? Especially the last one some would say!!!

Well talking seriously, I had considered donating on several occasions, but so far I had not done it. I decided to do it thinking that I had paid for a windows license which I had not used and that I had also paid for my first linux distribution, so why not spending some money if it can help improving the best operating system I know so far, or at least the only operating system I use so far and probably will for many years. Debian team: Keep up the good work you are doing!!!.

Well I don't know if I should write a different post for this... but I must inform you that after buying my new domain I am making several changes to the DNS and also working on a new site, so I must apologize for any inconvenience that anyone trying to access my site may experience. I hope the new site is finished in a couple of months. Keep in mind that I am writing it from scratch in pure html.